Strategies and directional mechanisms

A strategy to support the development of small and medium enterprises is one of the priorities of economic development in many developed and developing countries, due to their unparalleled role in employment in these enterprises. Creativity, equitable distribution of wealth, and balanced economic growth. According to the authorities, 81,000 small industrial units, employing more than one million people, have been operating in the country. Accordingly, the share of small industries in the country’s total industry is 92%.

Comparing the macroeconomic indices of small industries, in Iran and other countries, it can be seen that despite the fact that in terms of number of indicators, the share of 92% of the small industries in Iran from all industries is similar to other countries, but from The perspective of other economic indicators, especially the share of exports, the share of value of production and the value added share, Iran’s small industries are very different from the small industries in other countries. For example, in developed countries, the share of small industries from exports is sometimes up to 60%, or in developing countries, the index is up to 30%. But unfortunately, in Iran, small industries have only a small part of the country’s exports because they have not been effectively supported, and the share of direct exports of small industries to non-oil exports is about 5%.

Given the fact that the development of small-scale export industries requires different mechanisms for the development of large-scale exports, one of the main directions of the Small Industries Organization is to support the development of small-scale export of small industries. On the other hand, given the fact that in clusters, due to the development of projects, a suitable platform for implementation of supportive programs of export development is provided, one of the main pillars of support of the organization is the development of markets Export is the business clusters of the country. The need to support the development of exports of clusters and small industries is felt more and more. In the absence of the empowerment and enhancement of the competitive power of industries to participate in global markets, it is likely that foreign rivals in the domestic markets will also marginalize Iranian producers, and in practice this will pose a potential threat to Iranian producers.

Since the pre-requisite for entering the global markets and the development of exports is having a competitive advantage, the industries in which our country has a comparative advantage, should be the priority of government support for export development. These small industries exist in all industrial fields of Iran from clothing and textile, agriculture, minerals, food, metal industries, automotive industries, and have been identified and developed in industrial clusters.

Mission and policy of the company

The Department of Rasa Economics is dedicated to carrying out marketing, export and import management and exporting and importing projects in the countries of Eurasia (Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan) It is composed of economic, commercial and industrial actors in the field of trade in goods and services.

The group, based on the internationally recognized rules of international trade and the rules governing the trade relations of these countries, intends to provide Iran with value and employment, to maximize profits for its shareholders and to create sustainable and decent employment for its employees.


The Department of Rasa Economy, which includes a registered company in Kazakhstan and its trading partner in Iran, is the economic age. It plans to become one of the first five trading companies between Iran and Kazakhstan in the next three years, as well as to become one of the top 10 first-time trading companies between Iran and Eurasia, and will work on this purpose by utilizing the necessary tools and experienced human resources.

  • Creating 7 Commercial Offices in 7 Eurasian Regions
  • Specialized presence in the export of construction materials, machinery and equipment for agriculture, petroleum products and foodstuffs
  • Reaching a trading volume of $ 20,000,000 over 3 years
  • Earning profits from trading transactions at $ 2,000,000 over 3 years